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Retreats and Workshops

Pine Knoll offers unique workshops and clinics for the enthusiastic student. Each experience is a personal journey to strengthen your equine connection through body, mind and spirit.   


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Testimonial from Custom Riding and Educational Intensive
Thank you again for working with me to create a unique and personal experience at Pine Knoll Farm.  I realize I came to you out of the blue, but you helped make my idea a reality and I really appreciate it - Renee and I had an amazing time! 


"Pine Knoll Farm is an ideal venue in which to hone your horsemanship and riding skills.  Their progressive, professional, and thoughtful philosophy on equine behavior, biomechanics, and riding was integrated with a holistic approach to the mind-body-horse connection, and was precisely what we were seeking.  The beautiful farm is conveniently located outside of Lexington in an idyllic setting, impeccably maintained, with acres of open space, walking trails, and places to relax and meditate.  We took advantage of the on-site accommodations - a thoughtfully designed and decorated loft above the barn - which allowed us to enjoy an immersive learning experience by focusing on the clinic we attended and relaxing, spending time with the horses and exploring the property in the mornings and evenings.  It's clear that the owner has put a lot of love and thought into this special place - it has a great energy and offers a truly unique setting to help you grow and expand on your journey of learning more about yourself and horses."  Colt Little

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