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Meet The Peace Ponies!

The Peace Ponies, a quartet of miniature horses, may be small, but their mission is huge – to change the world!

Apollo, The Sheriff, Puzzle (or The Professor) and Domino each has his own unique charm and personality. They are beloved by children and adults alike for their gentle nature, playfulness, and beauty. Their size makes them the perfect, non-threatening introduction to horses allowing even non-horse-people to access the wisdom of the horse and the herd. 

The Peace Ponies are the charming heart of The Peace Ponies Ambassador Community. Our goal is to cultivate an intentional, sustainable lifestyle and a fun, powerful community grounded in proven practices that develop peace, dissolve fear and promote love. 



Click below to learn more about :

  • The way of the horse

  • How horses naturally embody the characteristics of a peace ambassador

  • Lessons from the herd about peaceful leadership

The Peace Ponies were part of a University of Kentucky research project on Emotional Intelligence and Team Building, conducted at Pine Knoll Farm. 

Join us for The Peace Ponies Experience!

The Peace Ponies Ambassador Community
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